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Your partners in tailored undercover growing solutions for maximised yields and real business results.

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We bring our expertise, collaborative spirit, advanced technology, and innovative thinking to every greenhouse project we work on. Here’s a closer look at our process.

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Our Story

Our growth from a small family business to the leading greenhouse solutions company in Southern Africa has been nurtured by a passion for farming and a focus on technology. Today, we create tailored systems for growers across the continent.

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Our team

Our agronomists and engineers are committed to innovation and quality. With our combined expertise and experience, we provide farmers with the best solutions for their unique needs and help them achieve growing success.

Turnkey solutions

When you need to plan and execute a greenhouse project, any size anywhere, you’ll make bigger agricultural profits with the right partner by your side. So take advantage of our services – an effective combination of three core elements:

Growing media

High-quality materials essential to good crop health and development.

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Screen systems

Automated screens that cool in summer and conserve energy in winter.

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Greenhouse plastics

Agricultural cover films that provide excellent crop protection.

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Agricultural nets

Specialised fabrics that protect against weather, weeds and insects.

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Greenhouse lighting

Specialist lighting for the perfect growing environment.

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Growing systems

Innovative solutions that optimise growing success.

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Heating systems

State-of-the-art technology for year-round crop production.

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Water systems

Custom-designed irrigation to meet your growing needs.

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Crop management systems

Smart automation solutions that reduce costs and increase yields.

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Cooling & ventilation systems

Advanced technology that creates and maintains optimal temperatures.

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