We offer a wide range of high-quality horticultural products to meet all your undercover growing needs. Our products are sourced from selected local and international suppliers, have been tried and tested by expert growers, and are endorsed by leading agronomists.

Greenhouse Plastics

We’ve partnered with agri-film producer Ginegar to offer you a range of high-quality cover solutions for your growing needs. Ginegar combines revolutionary five-layer technology with selected additives to optimise film performance and lifespan, so you can be sure of quality products built to last. The range includes the innovative Sun Selector™ and Mulch More™ products as well as covers specifically designed for the African market.

Agricultural Nets

We offer a large variety of specialised nets designed to help you manage climatic and biological crop conditions. Our range includes: anti-insect nets to block pests and significantly reduce pesticide use, anti-hail nets for crop protection in high-risk regions, shade nets in a range of shade factors and colours to improve climatic environments, and a variety of groundcover fabrics for exceptional weed control and soil temperature regulation.

Ground cover and mulch

Ground covers and mulches are vital in both greenhouse and open-field production and perform several critical functions in each environment. These include suppressing weeds – this removes the need for herbicides – minimising evaporation, and moderating soil moisture and temperature throughout the day and night. Our wide range of woven and extruded films cater for seasonal and long-term use.

Growing Media

We’ve carefully selected leading growing media partners to bring you a range of professional products that have been tested by growers and endorsed by agronomists. Our Kekkilä Professional substrate range uses the highest quality sphagnum peat to help growers achieve exceptional results, season after season. And our Riococo range of world-class coir fibre products is eco-friendly, reusable, and ideal for plant production.

Installation accessories

As turnkey greenhouse construction specialists, we stock a wide range of installation accessories to support your maintenance and self-build requirements – everything from locking profiles and inserts to net fasteners and palziv tape.

Growing accessories

Every crop and climate is different. That’s why we offer a wide range of trellising and other growing accessories, including hangers, twine and clips, to optimise your production process. Whatever your growing needs, we’ve got you covered.

Greenhouse equipment

We offer a wide range of the finest quality products and systems to complement your greenhouse installation – because what goes inside a greenhouse is often as important as the structure itself. From LED lighting systems and automated screens to fans and sulphur burners, we have all your equipment needs covered.

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