Greenhouse Structures

Greenhouse Structures

Our extensive range of undercover growing structures includes greenhouses, polytunnels and net-houses, all designed to the highest local and international standards.

Solutions To Suit Your Budget, Climate and Crops

Our variety of advanced structures are suitable for a diverse range of climate conditions. Our team of engineers and agronomists will consider your location, climate, crop and more when designing a solution for your project – and will work with you to select and customise the right undercover growing structure for your needs.


This durable and low-maintenance greenhouse range is designed to meet the demands of commercial growers. It offers several models that can be configured to provide the perfect growing solution for all crops and environments.

  • Forced or natural ventilation options for an optimal growing environment
  • Energy efficient with fully integrated electrical and climate control systems
  • Quick installation with no need for welding or on-site fabrication
  • Gutters suited to rainwater harvesting
  • Able to withstand strong winds and harsh environments
  • Customisable for various loads: screening, heating, trellising, hanging gutters etc.


The OptiGrow greenhouse is durable, versatile and provides excellent ventilation and an optimal growing environment. It’s designed to suit a variety of crops – from berries and leafy greens to vegetables and more.

  • Cost-effective with quick and easy installation
  • Versatile design suitable for different crops
  • Low maintenance and durable
  • Gutters suited to rainwater harvesting
  • Able to withstand strong winds and harsh environments


Made of high-quality galvanised components, our walk-in tunnels are a low-cost, effective and durable undercover growing solution. Low maintenance and easy to install, they’re suitable for all crop types and offer a high return on investment.

  • Gable width: 10 m
  • Tunnel height: up to 4.5 m
  • Forced or natural ventilation options
  • Suitable for trellising crops


Net-houses are the most profitable and cost-effective solution for growing crops in moderate climates. They provide a protected environment, can cover large areas, and deliver a high return on investment. Our range includes several models designed to suit specific crops, from bananas and blueberries to leafy greens.