Greenhouse Technology

Greenhouse Technology

We offer a range of advanced greenhouse systems to create optimal conditions for your crops. Find out more about what our solutions can do for your business.

Innovation that delivers real results

Thanks to smart greenhouse technology, farmers can create ideal growing conditions for their crops, all year round and in almost any environment. Innovation is at the heart of our business, and we incorporate highly specialized greenhouse systems into the solutions we engineer – enabling our clients to grow crops faster and more efficiently

Water Systems

The right water system is key to the success of any greenhouse project. As greenhouse plants have a limited soil buffer, precision irrigation and fertigation systems are vital to ensure high quality crops and yields. Vegtech Netafim provides flexible solutions designed to give specific crops the water and nutrients they need, when they need it.

Heating Systems

With an effective heating system in your greenhouse, you can maintain optimal temperatures and humidity levels all year round. Vegtech Netafim provides sustainable, secure and energy-efficient heating solutions that will not only create the right growing conditions for your crops, but will deliver significant energy and cost savings for your business too.

Cooling Systems

The simplest way to cool a greenhouse is to facilitate air exchange inside and outside the structure. There are several options available: Passive ventilation allows for air exchange through roof and side vents. Active ventilation uses fans to increase the rate of air exchange. And if air exchange alone isn’t enough, evaporative cooling might be the answer. Vegtech Netafim’s main cooling systems include Pad & Fan and High-Pressure Fogging.

Control Systems

For the best growing conditions for your crops, it’s vital that you can control all the moving parts of your greenhouse and that your systems are seamlessly integrated. We partner with Priva to supply the highest quality automation systems. With our combined experience and expertise in greenhouse automation, we’ll help you link and control all your processes and systems and enable your crops – and your business – to flourish.

Screen Systems

Screen systems allow you to control the temperature and light in your greenhouse – both of which are key to the success of your crops. At Vegtech Netafim, we work with leading screen-cloth suppliers to offer you a range of screen solutions for shading, energy-saving, and blackout.

Growing Systems

Our wide range of complementary growing systems will suit any crop in any environment. Our solutions include:

  • Gutters and rolling tables to optimize greenhouse space. 
  • Supplementary and photoperiodic lighting to extend growing seasons. 
  • Transport and automation systems to improve efficiency and reduce labor costs. 
  • A complete range of nursery systems to complement diverse operations. 
  • High-quality trellising systems, pots, growing medium and other consumables to deliver optimal results.