We’re passionate about promoting precision farming in Africa as a sustainable solution to challenges like water scarcity, food insecurity, and the need for arable land. As a company, we’re also committed to following eco-friendly processes and ethical business practices.

Solutions for a changing world

When it comes to agriculture and sustainability, the planet is facing three major challenges. Precision farming meets these challenges by helping farmers grow their crops in more resource-efficient and environmentally friendly ways. Here’s a closer look at the solutions this sustainable farming approach provides.


Water Availability

Water Availability

Agriculture uses about 70% of the world’s freshwater – and it therefore both impacts and is impacted by water scarcity. Precision farming uses only the water it needs, helping to reduce water waste.

A Growing Population

A Growing Population

The earth has around 7.6 billion mouths to feed, and this number is expected to grow to over 9 billion by 2050.By increasing yields, reducing costs and using resources efficiently, precision farming helps to meet the challenge of food security.

Limited Arable Land

Limited Arable Land

A rising demand for food combined with limited arable land means we have to produce more with the land we have, without depleting it – something growers are now able to do thanks to precision farming methods.

Accessible And Sustainable Agriculture

Precision farming makes agriculture more accessible and sustainable. With greenhouse structures and smart irrigation systems, growers can produce a diverse range of crops regardless of the climate or growing conditions. And they’ll enjoy better yields while using fewer resources. Greenhouses also give growers the ability to grow food closer to where it’s needed, reducing transport costs.  

The result? Farming that is sustainable, intentional and profitable. That protects natural resources, combats food shortages and contributes to rural development. And that provides pathways out of poverty for small-scale growers.

Sustainability partners

We’re proud to be Netafim’s South African greenhouse partner. Netafim is not only the global leader in precision irrigation solutions, it also forms part of Orbia – an international group of companies committed to providing innovative solutions to the world’s biggest challenges.


Natan Barak, Director of External Affairs and Sustainability, Netafim

"Sustainability in Netafim is not only an integral part of our strategy – it is the essence of our existence."

Natan Barak, Director of External Affairs and Sustainability, Netafim

Environmental sustainability

We’re committed to environmental sustainability in two important ways. First, by making precision irrigation the most effective way to grow, we’re empowering farmers to grow in a more sustainable way that’s also more profitable for them.

And second, we’re committed to running our own operations in more sustainable ways. That’s why we’re signatories of the UN’s CEO Water Mandate, and followers of the sustainable development goals.

Agriculture that empowers women

In many of the greenhouse projects we’ve completed across Africa, the majority of farmworkers have been women. We’re excited that an increasing number of female growers are adopting precision farming solutions to minimise risk and maximise yield. And we’re committed to partnering with them to deliver real results for their businesses and to help make a difference in their communities.

Water-use efficiency

Ground covers and mulches are vital in both greenhouse and open-field production and perform several critical functions in each environment. These include suppressing weeds – this removes the need for herbicides – minimising evaporation, and moderating soil moisture and temperature throughout the day and night. Our wide range of woven and extruded films cater for seasonal and long-term use.

Innovation by farmers, for farmers

The future of farming promises to be very different to its past or present. It is imperative that the agricultural system that has served us until now changes to give growers more control. And as farmers committed to bringing innovation to the marketplace, we'll continue to evolve alongside our customers.

Business Conduct Policies

Vegtech Netafim is committed to acting with integrity, responsibility, honesty, reliability and decency in our work practices and in our dealings with colleagues, customers, suppliers, partners and shareholders.

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