Banner What goes into our end-to-end greenhouse projects?

What goes into our end-to-end greenhouse projects?

At Vegtech Netafim, we offer true end-to-end project services. Whatever the requirement, we’re able to manage each aspect of a project from start to finish – and this capability is largely thanks to our wealth of in-house expertise.

Our team includes a range of specialists who bring their unique skills and know-how to every project – from agronomists and structural engineers to irrigation designers and 3D modellers. Then there’s our sales team. With deep industry knowledge and decades of experience, they lend valuable insights to concept and design and take excellent care of our clients. Finally, our designated project management team facilitates every facet of our planning and execution process, down to the last fine detail.

This combination of experience, expertise, and collaboration has allowed us to deliver world-class greenhouse projects across Africa. And it’s been the foundation of the longstanding and trusted relationships we’ve built with our clients, many of whom we’ve worked with for several decades.

So, what does a typical Vegtech Netafim greenhouse project entail? Here’s a look at each stage of our process and the end-to-end service we provide.

1. Conceptual Design

As a first step, we evaluate whether a project is feasible and financially viable. To do this, we look at factors like the local climate, the crop, market demands, and the client’s requirements and objectives. We then provide a high-level concept that includes a draft technical design, a business plan, budget estimates and our overall recommendations.

2. Detailed Design

If a project is viable, we excitedly move on to creating a detailed design – an engineering plan that sets out every part of the project, from the steel frame and plastic cover to the climate control and irrigation systems. We’ll also put project contracts and agreements in place, finalise schedules and timelines, and make sure that we’ve covered all health and safety considerations.

3. Execution

First, we ensure that every greenhouse component is manufactured to our specifications and deliver all the materials to the site. And then it’s time to break ground! Construction usually happens in one of two ways. If a local team is doing the build, our technical adviser will be on-site to supervise and liaise with the project manager. Or, if we’re responsible for the full construction process, our team and exclusive sub-contractors will be on-site to bring the greenhouse to life.

4. Operations and Management

Once construction is complete, the handover begins. We provide the client with an extensive technical document that details every aspect of their greenhouse and train them to operate each component – from crop monitoring tools to irrigation systems. Finally, we provide a period of ongoing service to ensure they have the support they need to succeed.

Beyond this, we also pride ourselves on our range of post-handover services, including:

  • Technical support: for greenhouse control and electrical systems.
  • Agronomical support: our specialists provide expert crop advice.
  • Farm management: digital tools to help farmers manage, track, and trace their crops, from seed to sale.

Services for every project

Whether it’s supplying greenhouse materials to unique specifications or engineering and managing a complete project from concept to support, we love what we do, and are hugely results driven. If you’re looking for a partner to set you on the path of growing success, get in touch, today.