Banner Vegtech Netafim’s Integrated Solar Solution

Vegtech Netafim’s Integrated Solar Solution

When you're planning a greenhouse build, there are three big questions: 

  1. Where will it be? 
  2. How do you get water there? 
  3. How are you going to power it?

In Africa, and notably in South Africa, that last question isn't just a minor detail — it's a make-or-break deal. Power outages and load shedding are increasingly common, impacting crop cycles and yields, and sometimes putting a stop to a project before it even starts.

Vegtech Netafim’s turnkey offering expands to include Solar

With power being such an intricate part of a greenhouse, and with our 30-plus years of experience in greenhouse engineering, construction and operations, we realised that we’re perfectly positioned to plan and install alternative power in greenhouses. There’s simply too much at stake for our customers to risk not having a reliable power supply.

We figured that there’s no better way to honour the yield promises we make to our clients than by designing and installing their solar and backup systems, too. So, Vegtech Netafim now offers a complete solar power solution tailored to suit the unique requirements of each project.

Key Benefits of Our Solar Power Solution

Keep it simple with one team

Since we're the folks designing and constructing your greenhouse, we know what your power requirements are. No need to explain your greenhouse plans to another set of people; or have a separate project to manage. We’ve got all the knowledge needed to make sure your energy setup is spot-on. One team, one point of contact. This means less paperwork and faster project execution. By keeping this crucial component with us, we can create a seamless workflow and control every variable to produce optimal results for your business.

Avoid downtimes with tailor-made solar systems

Every farm is different. Every greenhouse has unique needs. That’s why we don't do cookie-cutter solutions. Whether you need a small backup power setup or high-output systems for medical cannabis greenhouses, we’ve got you covered.

Control your energy, control your costs

If we’re designing your greenhouse project from scratch, our crop and climate considerations mean that you get optimal power set-up from the get-go. And if you want to convert your existing operation to solar, step one will be an energy consumption audit.

Either way, we’ll consider everything from when you need power to how much of it you need at different times. We’ll design your system to give you exactly what you need and no more. Similar to how we view precision irrigation. It’s more effective but reduces the cost and eradicates waste. So, if you're using power-hungry systems only during specific times, we’ll design the system accordingly. You save on costs without compromising on performance.

Quality you can trust

We use top-of-the-line solar equipment, ensuring long-lasting and efficient performance. You'll not only save money but also avoid frequent maintenance hassles. Our engineers are the best in the business and will train you on how to keep your system operating at peak performance. 

Short-term savings and long-term benefits

Moving to solar energy isn't just about long-term savings; it offers immediate financial benefits too. Farmers can capitalise on various tax credits and incentives, and by cutting out costly diesel and the frequent maintenance of generators, you're looking at a leaner expense sheet. Plus, the long-term environmental benefits are substantial because solar reduces your carbon footprint, contributing to a cleaner, greener farm. All these factors combine to make the switch to solar a smart financial decision. And let’s be honest, saying goodbye to the unpredictability of government power and the constant diesel runs is worth the solar investment all on its own. 

We Know Greenhouses, Inside and Out

As your turnkey greenhouse partner, we continually monitor and adjust to suit your needs. If down the line you decide to grow a different crop with different needs, we can adapt your energy (and other systems) accordingly.

If you have a new greenhouse project that might also need alternative power, or you need a comprehensive solar solution for your existing greenhouse, give us a call at +27 21 987 6980 or drop an email to