Banner The Power of Priva in your Greenhouse

The Power of Priva in your Greenhouse

Plant the seeds of success with Vegtech Netafim and the global leaders in horticulture tech.

A new chapter with Priva

It's official – the 'worst kept secret' in our industry is out, and we're absolutely thrilled about it.

Vegtech Netafim is proudly a certified Priva partner - fully licensed and upskilled for sales, management and servicing of everything Priva.

By bringing together our Team’s seasoned expertise and Priva's innovative technology, we’re helping crops thrive like never before.

Getting to know Priva: Pioneers of horticultural automation

If you’re in the agriculture or horticulture industry, chances are high that you know the name, Priva. For over 60 years, they have been a beacon of innovation, and access to their products has been an aspiration for many in our field. 

Priva’s state-of-the-art greenhouse technology creates optimal conditions for crop growth while using resources efficiently, leading to more streamlines and profitable crop production.

The benefits of Priva's horticultural technology

Priva's tech relies on specialised sensors, within a greenhouse, that relays information from essential elements – like heating, irrigation, and climate – to industrial computers that keep the greenhouse within predefined target zones. 

Imagine, for instance, a greenhouse that automatically knows when to turn on the fans if it gets too hot. By capturing data and measuring analytics, Priva's technology optimises and automates the process, giving growers peace of mind that everything is growing in pristine conditions, while also making your jobs easier.

The beauty of Priva's tech doesn't end there. All this data and analytics are available in the cloud and can be remotely controlled, offering an unparalleled level of efficiency. Whether you're in South Africa, New York, or Antarctica, you can monitor and manage your greenhouse conditions in real-time. And, if monitoring tech isn’t your thing, Vegtech Netafim can do it for you, wherever you are.

Our journey with Priva

In Africa, accessing Priva's groundbreaking solutions poses challenges, especially when it comes to necessary hardware upgrades and obtaining specific parts. There is also the fact that a little bit of tech savviness comes in handy to manage Priva, and with that, a greenhouse.

But we noticed this gap and are determined to bridge it, ensuring that Priva's advanced solutions become a practical, accessible, and easy-to-maintain choice for all growers in our continent.

We believe in Priva's technology so much that we've integrated it into more than 25 of our projects over the past few years. This includes both the software and hardware components of their innovative automation solutions. 

We've also significantly invested  in training our team. Our specialists are well-versed in all of Priva’s hardware and software, offering you the confidence that you're getting the best out of your greenhouse technology.

“Vegtech Netafim is well known throughout Africa as the go-to supplier for quality turnkey greenhouse projects.  Having Vegtech Netafim represent Priva is a perfect match that already resulted in various successful projects, ranging from high-tech vegetable production,  R&D facilities, nurseries and medicinal crops.  Vegtech Netafim has already helped us to enter exciting markets such as West- and Central Africa.  With this partnership, we believe that African growers will have access to the highest quality solutions from a single point of contact.”

Giovanni Angiolini, Director of Market & Business Development Priva - Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific (MEA+APAC)

We promise support to all Priva users

We understand that adopting and maintaining new technology might feel overwhelming. That's why we're committed to providing our customers with comprehensive support and services for all Priva products. 

We now have access to all the spare parts and the expertise you need to keep your greenhouse system running smoothly.

We're here for you – whether you're a new customer interested in integrating Priva into your greenhouse, or an existing Priva customer looking for full-service solutions, skilled technicians, and unwavering support.

Ready to know (and grow) more?

At Vegtech Netafim, we're about more than just greenhouse solutions - we're about building partnerships, fostering growth, and helping you achieve your farming dreams. All with Priva’s stamp of approval.

Reach out on +27 21 987 6980 or for all your Priva needs. 
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