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Our Commitment to Engineering Excellence

As a company, we’ve always strived for the highest standards in greenhouse design. We are committed to using precision engineering techniques and processes cultivated over decades of experience to help farmers thrive through our innovative and sustainable undercover growing solutions.  

If you want to know why we are such a trusted name in the industry, this piece will explain our mindset, approach, and reasoning for why we take our job as greenhouse engineers so seriously.

Every project we undertake is unique. We don’t do cookie-cutter IKEA builds. Every structure is designed according to the unique environmental challenges and specific crop needs of each client. Our meticulous approach is much more than just a standard tick-box process because we understand the reliance our clients place on the quality and longevity of our structures. They are a big investment and a key factor in the success of each yield throughout years of growing seasons.

We adhere to the highest global and local engineering guidelines, including the Euro codes and the South African National Standards (SANS). We view these guidelines as the foundations of building safe, reliable, and precise structures.

The Euro codes are a series of European standards for structural design. They are renowned for their comprehensive coverage in all aspects of construction engineering. They encompass everything from material quality, load-bearing calculations, and environmental considerations to durability and safety measures. Building our greenhouses according to these guidelines that the top engineering councils in The Netherlands and the UK demand means that your structures will have a better chance of withstanding diverse environmental challenges, from heavy winds to seismic activities. 

SANS, the equivalent standards in South Africa, provide specific guidelines tailored to the unique environmental and geographical conditions per region. They also include vital information on local climate, soil types, wind patterns, and other regional factors that are crucial in designing structures that can withstand South African weather challenges while being compliant with national regulations. The SANS are not as extensive as the Euro codes in certain aspects, particularly in greenhouse design criteria, that’s why we often defer to the Euro codes when creating our blueprints. 

We view this level of compliance not just as a business requirement, but as our moral obligation.  We aim to protect our clients and their investments against the unpredictability of weather, general farming challenges, and potential insurance headaches that come from non-compliance. 

Risk mitigation and safety are of paramount importance in all of our engineering jobs. We've witnessed the consequences of inadequate structures failing to withstand the elements, and the devastating loss of crops that arise from sub-standard builds. We use our engineering mindset and experience to minimise these risks in the most efficient and effective ways possible. 

We take our hard-earned reputation very seriously. We insist on using only the highest quality materials and construction methods, knowing that our clients' return on investment is measured in decades of reliable crop output. This focus on quality, durability and longevity might come at a higher initial cost, but the value it delivers in the long run is immeasurable. 

The presence of 'cowboys' is a great concern to the overall reputation of our industry. Their quotes may appear at an attractive cost, but if they’re cutting costs, they’re also likely cutting corners – usually in building manpower or quality and quality of materials. The result is often surprise costs during the build, short-lived structures, and potential crop and investment loss down the road.

When considering any quotation, it’s vital to ask questions to understand why some prices are lower than the established companies. Questions like these are crucial:

  • How long is the structure expected to last?
  • What type of steel and coating is used for each component?
  • What engineering standards does the design adhere to?
  • What loads have been considered (wind, snow, crop loads etc)?

Inquiring about the qualifications and experience of the team you’re hiring is equally important, as regulators and insurers demand that plans be designed by professionals. If not, and something goes wrong, insurers will cite lack of due diligence and not pay out.

We know that greenhouses are not just a structure but a cornerstone of farmers’ livelihoods. In a sector rife with uncertainties, we aim to provide our clients with greater stability and peace of mind. We pledge to:

  • Maintain our high engineering standards
  • Build structures with purpose, precision, and pride
  • Keep earning the trust that our clients place in us

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