Banner Empowering farmers with smart crop monitoring tools

Empowering farmers with smart crop monitoring tools

At Vegtech Netafim, we’ve built our business with a passion for farming and a focus on technology. And we’re always looking for innovative ways to help farmers achieve growing success. That’s why we’re excited to partner with agritech company MyCrops to offer our clients a range of smart crop monitoring tools designed to support and enhance their greenhouse operations.

Who is MyCrops?

Founded in 2017 by Asaf Levy and Assaf Gavish – two “boots-on-the-ground, dirt-under-the-fingernails kind of people” – MyCrops’ mission is to use technology to empower growers to meet their goals sustainably. And the company has developed a powerful suite of crop monitoring tools with valuable applications for greenhouse crops like cannabis, flowers, and vegetables, as well as for specialised greenhouse nurseries for citrus, avocado, blueberry, macadamia, and more.

Better insights, better outcomes

A key part of the service we offer our clients is agronomic advice and support. We’re invested in helping farmers improve the quality of their crops, increase their yields, and grow their bottom lines. One of the best ways to secure better outcomes is to leverage valuable insights gained from data – which is where MyCrops comes in.

Each crop monitoring solution is tailored to the grower’s needs and provides personalised insights from day one. Using the information MyCrops provides, problems can be detected and solved quickly, productivity can be improved, workflows can be optimised, operating costs can be reduced, and profitability can be increased.

Beyond these measurable outcomes, there’s another aspect to the products that has the potential to leave a lasting impact – MyCrops enables knowledge sharing and education. By interacting with the tools and learning from the expert advice they provide, farm staff are empowered to make better decisions.

What’s in the MyCrops line-up?

Here’s a closer look at each of the products in the range.

DASH – Farm Management Software

With DASH, farmers can oversee their operations from one central and user-friendly dashboard – and what’s more, they can do it all remotely. This includes recording all farm activity (at batch or even single plant level), managing inventories from seed to sale, viewing essential metrics, generating reports for regulators, and much more.

SPOT – Automated Crop Monitoring

Using high-definition cameras and computer vision algorithms, SPOT acts as an autonomous scouting team; it monitors every plant (and leaf) in a greenhouse 24/7, detects visible issues, and provides daily reports on plant health. With the information SPOT gathers and the insights it provides, farmers can make data-based decisions and deal with identified problems quickly.

SCOUT – Manual Scouting App 

SCOUT is a cellphone app focused on smart integrated pest management. It enables farm workers in the field to easily record affected plants and generates an instant scouting report which syncs with DASH. Farmers can also create and assign tasks to team members and use the data gathered by the app to track outbreaks and optimise their pest management strategies.

A collaboration focused on the future 

We see tremendous value in partnering with a company whose vision and values align closely with our own – particularly when it comes to technology and the future of farming. In addition to offering the MyCrops tools as part of our greenhouse solutions, we’ll also be collaborating with the team to develop new and innovative products specifically for the African market, so keep an eye on our website for news and updates.

Ready to know (and grow) more?

If you’d like to find out more about the MyCrops range of smart crop monitoring tools, get in touch with us on +27 21 987 6980 or You can also visit the MyCrops website at or contact the MyCrops team at